Creating A Promotional Launch Plan That Sells

It’s time.

You have spent weeks, months, or even years on this project. You’ve waited so long to launch this course, sell the book, speak on this stage… and it’s finally time.

This is when I tell you, “Great! It’s time to tell the world about it!”

What you’re likely going to say, Jasmine, I’m exhausted!”

But friend, I have to tell you a secret: You are barely getting started.

When you put your project out into the world, it is DAY ONE. No one knows you have spent months getting that project to this point. No one knows about the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get here.

Oftentimes, business owners are so excited to share their project that they sprint toward launch and make this crucial mistake: They forget that if they really want people to talk about their business, they need to run a marathon.

It’s not time to sell… It’s time to promote.

So if you’re wondering how to:

…show your expertise

…show the value

…get your followers excited about what you have to share

In order to promote your project rather than sell it, you need to create a launch plan. But I’m not going to leave you hanging, boo!

Below is the promotional launch plan I use for all of my launches, big or small. It is broken into 4 equal parts and each part is broken into one week.

Week One: Warm Up Sequence

This week is all about positioning your business in a favorable light, creating goodwill, and reacquainting your followers with what makes your business special.

Week Two: Nurture Sequence

This week focuses on highlighting reasons why someone needs your product or service. These posts are often empowering them and and overcoming any objections they may have.

Week Three: Promotional Sequence

Announce your promotion. This is where you position your business as the thing they’ve been wanting or needing. You aren’t selling; your product or service simply becomes the solution they’ve been desiring.

Week Four: Deadline Sequence

This week focuses on getting followers to make a decision. This is the week they will decide, and you will facilitate that decision with reiterating the benefits and creating bonuses that expire at the end of the week.

So friends, let’s connect the dots:

  • I build trust through conversations.
  • I showcase value and benefits of the thing I am providing.
  • I offer solutions and resources that my followers desire.

I don’t have to sell, I just have to show. The best business owners create need and desire, and then provide solutions. Invest in your followers and show them that you care to help, by establishing your credibility and relating to them.

Are you looking for a step by step plan to help you spread the word about your product or service? Social Curator has you covered, boo!

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