CreativeLive Photo Week Bus Tour

I'm beyond thrilled to be joining CreativeLive again…but this time it's for something totally different. I recently completed The Complete Wedding Photographer Bootcamp (six weeks of hard core photography and business education!), but I'm headed back to CL for Photo Week 2015! And it's slated to be SO much FUN!

I will be teaching a three-hour course entitled The $250 Marketing Plan, where I'll outline how to create an effective marketing plan on a budget. I'll show you how I put together the shoot with limited resources, including renting and lens and taking an ad on Facebook. Yup…we got this.

I'll also be joining the CreativeLive Photo Week Bus Tour, so if you want to join us for free shoots, donuts, and mixers (maybe all three at the same time because that's how I roll), check out what cities we're stopping in for a chance to chat!

Hope to see you on the road in San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle…or ONLINE soon!