Dealing With Haters


Like every household has dirty laundry, we’ve all got ‘em.

And just like the hamper of overflowing laundry that remains ignored in my closet, I also choose to turn the other cheek when haters troll me on the Internet.

When people make mean or rude comments about me, I ignore it. 

  • It’s not because I think I’m cool.
  • It’s not because I’m overly confident.
  • It’s not because I have a chip on my shoulder.

I ignore it because it’s ignorant.

>>People create 100% opinions about the 1% of my life that I share on Instagram.<<

Their comments are ignorant because they have NO idea what is actually happening in real life.

Some people make comments that I should be spending more time with my daughter rather than working in my business.

What they don’t realize is that I spend the better part of my days and nights giving her bottles, doing tummy time, cooing in her ear, and watching as she sleeps.

>>The truth is that we’re ALL going through stuff that nobody else sees on social media.<<

I could let their opinions get to me. It would be so easy to give in to the negativity and recoil from showing up.

But I choose the high road.

>>Instead of wasting time being hurt or angry, I invest in empathy.<< 

When somebody has an opinion about how I run my business, how much time I spend with my family, or how I show up on social media, I choose empathy rather than letting their comments bother me.

And you should too.

Let’s be sorry they’re hurting.

Choose to be the better person. When people share their opinion (whether it’s positive or negative), thank them and move on. 

Just like laundry is a guaranteed household chore, haters are a fact of life. 

*And I’m willing to bet you’ve dealt with your fair share of washing, drying, folding… AND negativity.*

But remember one thing, friend: 

>>Don’t let someone who stopped chasing their dreams talk you out of pursuing yours.<<

Continue showing up and ignoring the negativity. 

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*Watch out, haters!*

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