Defining Your “Why”

Why is it that so many business owners shy away from sharing why they do what they do?

It’s almost as if people are trying to extinguish the little flame that’s burning up inside of them with passion for what they do.

>>Your “why” shouldn’t be a secret. Shout it from the virtual rooftops of social media as much as possible!<<

In a saturated market, the best way to stand out is by building an experience around your brand and telling people why you do what you do.

No one knows your why until you tell them, boo boo!

Here are three ways to define your why on social media so you can spread your little flame of passion like wildfire:

Share what made you start your business

Buyers, especially in the millennial market, want to know why they should choose your product or service over someone else’s. You may think your reason is silly and trite, but it just might be the reason why people choose to buy from you. 

  • Did you start making gluten free tortillas because you had a sister with severe gluten intolerance but wanted her to enjoy all of your Hispanic family recipes?
  • Did you start creating engravable necklaces because you wanted a special way to carry the memory of your loved ones that have passed away?
  • Did you start designing wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses because you were obsessed with the movie 27 Dresses?


Share what you are doing to change the world

Buttercup, don’t ever do yourself the disservice of claiming to be”JUST” a boutique owner, web designer, or event planner. 

You are MORE than “just” that title. 

>>You have the capacity to change the world with one tiny flicker of your flame.<<

Define for your followers how doing what you do can impact the world, simply by changing one person’s life. 


Share why you love what you do

When people understand WHY you do what you do, it helps them comprehend WHAT it is that you do. Give them the ability to understand this reason over and over again.

  • Do you love being a virtual assistant because you get to work in your fuzzy socks and pajamas?
  • Do you love being a landscape photographer because you’ve been able to travel all around in your renovated RV to capture all sorts of beauty?
  • Do you love being a wellness coach because you’ve been an integral part in helping women lose weight after having children?


So friend, when you are tempted to extinguish that little flame of yours, I challenge you to define your why, share your flame, and shine your light for all to see! In fact, do me a favor and send me a DM on Instagram and tell me your why. Hearing why people do what they do warms my fire-loving heart!