Do You Need an Instagram Makeover?

There are two types of people on Instagram.

The ones with meh feeds filled with far too many dog selfies and “original” shots of the #OOTD (outfit of the day)…

AND the ones that stop you dead in your tracks mid-scroll and make you feel like you just received a postcard from an old friend with a story written especially for you.

THESE are the types of perfectly curated feeds that turn you inside out with awe and maybe a sprinkle of jealousy (totally normal btw).

Your eyes widen when you see a pic of your arch-nemesis with her perfectly tousled hair and artisan coffee blend in a hand painted mug. #WokeUpLikeThis

And, before you know it, your traitorous finger has doubled-tapped that heart, just like everybody else.

(How does *she* always have so many likes and comments when you can barely score a hundred on a good day?)

Just when you feel you’ve gotten the hang of it the algorithm shakes things up like a snowglobe in a washing machine.

Your engagement drops, comments trickle, and you end up feeling like a Loser with a capital L (← THE WORST).

Lately, you’ve even caught yourself…

  • Questioning why your engagement has plummeted overnight… (Is it a new algorithm? Is it your content? Do your followers not like you anymore? WHAT IS IT?)
  • Feeling frustrated, because you have NO IDEA what will resonate with your audience (I’ll tell you what they want what they really really want!)
  • Feeling like you’re falling waaaaay behind every time you take a day off (BTW you’re allowed to take time off)

Now, here’s the thing (and there’s always a thing)…

Every time Instagram’s algorithm changes, it also changes the way you show up in front of your ideal client.

The drop in engagement is NOT because you aren’t putting in enough time. Au contraire!

It’s NOT because your content isn’t great (I bet it is). And it’s definitely NOT because you’re boring (far from it).

The rules of the game have simply changed.

Then take a seat, friend, because things are about to get real up in here.

When you’re play the game right, you can take advantage of Instagram and grow a following that…

  • Sees, loves, and trusts the real you because your followers can finally sneak a peek at the wiz behind the biz (that’s you)
  • Engages with you, because your followers feel like you’re one of their besties (don’t be surprised if fanmail randomly show up at your doorstep)
  • Buys from you, because heck, they’d rather buy from a friend they trust than a complete stranger


More engagement. More bookings. More $$$.
And less time hunting for clients.

That’s what Instagram can do for you, Boo.

The new algorithm means whether you have 200 or 2,000 followers you can still rake in your dreamboat clients.

I can’t wait to help you see results in way less time, so you can spend more time with your partner/babies/fur-babies/food-babies/Netflix.

(And, accessing my best strategies will literally cost you zilch.)

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You bring the questions, I’ll bring the SPRINKLES!

Until then, here’s my favorite dog selfie…just kidding…umm, not really.