What I Should Have Done Sooner

Have you ever been asked a question that forced you to pause and truly think about the answer?

That happened to me recently during a Facebook Live where someone asked: What do you wish you would have done sooner?

*Talk about food for thought, am I right?*

I could have answered in a variety of ways.

  • I could say I wish I dropped out of law school sooner.
  • I could say I wish I had started my business sooner.
  • I could say I wish I had invested sooner.

I could say all of those things, but I won’t.

What I Should Have Done Sooner

You won’t hear me say a single one of them, because I truly believe that it has all happened in the perfect timing.

  • Had I not gone to law school, I might not have had a reckoning about what I truly want in life.
  • Had I started my business earlier, I might not have met the same people or learned the same lessons.
  • Had I asked for investments in a different capacity, my business might not be the one I am so proud of today.

Even now, I have moments where I get it wrong.

  • There are times when I think about how stupid I must have sounded in a meeting or on a Live.
  • There are times I need to make adjustments in business, but I don’t even know where to start.
  • There are times I’ve pitched my company and then been ghosted.

But still, at the end of the day, I’m not going to waste any time or energy thinking about a pretend or alternative universe.

*And Buttercup, you shouldn’t either.*

I believe that we should release the fear of failure and of doing things wrong.

>>Because there are no mistakes, just lessons and learning opportunities.<<

For many years in my career, I would beat myself up for mistakes I didn’t even know I was making.

But now? Now I refuse to live in a place of regret.

Because those mistakes are exactly what has helped me become the person I am, with the business I have, and a mission I believe in.

Those mistakes were never really mistakes at all.

Instead, I can see them now as the growing pains that they were.

Now I choose to lean into the discomfort of not knowing or doing it wrong, because that is exactly what will get me to where I need to be.

And friend, I want the same for you.

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