Don’t Quit… Change.

When I woke up this morning, discouragement greeted me. I have a big, audacious goal I’m working towards, but today it felt impossibly out of reach. 

Have you ever experienced the same thing when it comes to building your business?

As I was complaining *I mean talking* to my husband about my doubts, he quickly held a mirror to my soul that put everything into perspective:

>>“Jasmine, I heard on your podcast today that you get to choose the emotion that you want to associate with what you are experiencing.”<<

  • Number one, he listens to my podcast. *brownie points!*
  • Number two, do not use my words against me! *okurrrrrrrr*

The truth is, friend, it may not have been what I wanted to hear, but it was exactly what I needed.

How exactly can we choose to feel a different emotion?

  • Identify the situation, thing, or moment that you felt a certain way.
  • Give a name to that emotion. 
  • Reframe the toxic narrative into a positive one.

Choose the emotion you want to feel. It’s as simple (and as difficult) as that.

Free your brain from the shackles of a negative, toxic thought, and create space and pathways in your brain to get creative about the things you need to do.

>>If the brain is holding onto toxic, negative thoughts, you won’t have the bandwidth to think of a solution.<<

  • When the days get dark, don’t quit… change. 
  • If what you are doing now isn’t currently serving you, don’t quit… change.
  • If the emotion you woke up with isn’t the one you want to linger, don’t quit… change.

If you are ready to reframe your situation into something positive, I created this Mindset Makeover Workbook just for you! 

You can download it >>HERE<< and begin taking control of your thoughts and emotions today!