The Easiest Way to Post On Social Media

Do you ever find yourself saying, “Why is it so hard to post on social media?”

*Friend, I have been there, done that.*

Then I got tired of singing the same song on a one-string fiddle. 

It definitely used to be hard for me, but now I have a fail-proof formula for writing captions that is not only easy, but also effective, and I want to share it with you.

This formula will work on any social platform. It’s as easy as A-B-C… well, actually, it’s as easy as H-I-C.

The HIC Formula stands for hook, insights, and call to action. These are the three vital components of any successful caption. Let’s break down the HIC formula and how you can use it to generate engagement in your business.


A hook is using the right words at the beginning of your caption to entice your audience to read more. As someone scrolls through their feed, you want to ensure that what you write at the beginning is interesting enough to stop their scroll. 

>>Your post needs to be read before you can get the engagement that you want.<<

Here are a few hook examples you can use:

  • Calling all business owners!
  • Can I share a secret?
  • You'll never believe what I'm about to confess… 
  • This might get awkward.
  • Can I share a controversial opinion?
The Easiest Way to Post


After you have your audience hooked, you’ll want to add some value by providing what they want or need to hear. 

>>The most valuable insights you can provide your audience will come in the form of entertainment, education, or empowerment.<<

The unique insights that you're sharing are what will set your account apart from all the rest. Your insights belong to you.

Lean into your thoughts, experiences, and stories. They will be the magnetic force that pulls people towards you and towards your business.

Call To Action

Finally, the call to action is the most important part of your caption.


Because if a post doesn’t lead to action, does it actually matter if anyone read your caption to begin with?

Through the call to action, you are giving your audience a simple way to talk back to you.

There are two types of calls to action:

  • A big ask requires the reader to leave the platform
  • A small ask requires little thought and is easy to take

The majority of your requests should be in the form of a small ask. This will build connection. Once that connection is established, you can then add in big asks when you are promoting your product, building your email list, or offering more education on your website.

See, didn’t I tell you the HIC formula was easy?

The HIC Formula is proven to get your audience talking back to you, but I want to remind you of one additional step: You have to engage back!

>>Once the comments and messages come rolling in, do not sit silently in response. Keep the conversation going and build authentic relationships.<< 

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