Escalate Live Conference


It’s just after 6am and I’m sitting in bed, after having been awake for the past hour. I’m headed back to the second day of Escalate Live Conference in Newport Beach, and I can’t fully express how thankful I am to have met so many incredible people yesterday. I had the honor of speaking about social media and it was a day filled with excitement and laughter. I adore meeting blog readers and fellow photographers in real life, so the day was like Baby Bear’s porridge…juuuuuust right.

Many thanks to Katelyn James for shooting the following photos. My good friend Regis was on-hand to take photos for me, but then I realized I had to edit them myself. And then I was all, Work? I’m allergic to it today.

As a totally unexpected surprise, JD was asked to come on stage during the Q+A portion of my section…and a mic was passed his way. Now. Hold on. All I’m thinking is PleaseBeNicePleaseBeNicePleaseBeNiceAndI’mSorryIDidn’tIronYourShirtThisMorning…

Yes. Yes, I think JD is funny. But let’s keep that between us.

Then I got the awesomest idea to pose like we did when we went to prom. Yeah. We all do lame things in life…but this time it was documented ON THE INTERNET.

Happy Tuesday!