Falling Flat on My Face


The problem with creativity is this: it comes and goes as it pleases. It’s been described as infrequent visitings from the gods or as a forlorn lover stopping by when she pleases. The thing we all want is creativity, and freedom within that space, but there are days/months/years when it goes missing.

Whether you ascribe to this belief (creativity strikes versus creativity is fostered) or not, studies have shown one thing ties both notions together: when you free yourself from the fear of failure, creativity freely flows.

We’ve been trained to fear failure, to hide mistakes, and not take risks because it’ll give the impression we have it together. But the truth is that most of us don’t. So why pretend? I’ve gotten to a point in my career where I want to create new adventures in my business life because I no longer care what others think…plainly put, I’m not afraid of falling flat on my face.

Sure, creating something new feels frustrating, scary, and overwhelming, but nothing ventured is nothing gained. I’d much prefer to live my life accepting failure than wondering What if…

Here’s to us who embrace the risk of falling, but hope for the chance of flying,