FAQ : Photoshop Actions


A while ago, I started a FAQ Section on my blog. I worried there might have been a few people who rolled their eyes and guessed I thought I was cooler—way cooler—than I really am, but that’s far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that I am truly inundated with emails every day that I cannot personally respond to…and this gives me an overload of anxiety. Like, there are times when I can’t sleep at night because of the amount of responses I wish I could get to, but cannot. And this makes me feel horribly.

The FAQ posts help me bridge the gap between me and commonly asked questions. Please forgive me if I can’t respond to everything, but I hope these posts help a bit.

The absolute most commonly asked question is how I process my images. I wish there was a singular answer, but I’m afraid it’s multilayered. However, I can say that I exclusively use Kevin Kubota Actions and Totally Rad Actions. Both these action sets rock my world and they help take my photography to another level. I’ll be blogging about both sets soon, but today I want to talk about Kubota.

Many of you might remember my PPR Article where I cited my love for Kevin after seeing him at WPPI a couple months ago, and, well, the love affair is still going strong! 😉 His action sets were the first I purchased and they helped me define my style in ways I can’t fully explain. I kinda feel like I owe the guy something!

Here are a few images as processed with a few of my favorite Kubota recipes…

*Daily Multi Vitamin
*Magic Sharp

*Fuji Snapit – 19%
*Daylight to Tungsten – 6%
*Magic Sharp

*XProcess Combo – 14%
*81K Warming – 7%
*Magic Sharp

*Fuji Snapit – 14%
*KPD Midbright – 19%
*Contrast +4
*Magic Sharp

*KPD Midbright – 29%
*Radiant People – 10%
*Daily Multivitamin
*Magic Sharp

*Saturation – 50%
*B/W Channel Mixer 45/32/32
*Magic Sharp

You can find my favorite Kubota actions–such as Fuji Snapit, the B/W conversions, and XProcess–here at this link:
And you can find my all-time favorite favorite action–Magic Sharp–here at this link:
Happy Friday!

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