FAQ : What’s In Your Bag?

I can't believe it's been a year since I posted my first FAQ Post. Hollllla! Well, it's actually been more than a year…which makes me now feel lame for bringing it up. But who cares?! I guess what I want to say is THANKS! for the readers who take time to respond to the FAQ Posts and proffer questions and feedback of their own. It's much appreciated.

These posts were started because I simply couldn't respond to every email, but they've turned into a great way to connect photographers and provide an open space for professional inquiries…and what makes it better is that I see other photographers helping people get their questions answered in the comment section. I LOVE IT! Giving, helping, and sharing with others helped me so much when I first started (and by this, I meant I was on the receiving end), so I want to make sure I can pay it forward and help others. If these posts help but one person, I'm stoked!

I'm often emailed with the following question: What's in your bag? I thought I'd take this a step further and explain when and why I use each lens…

50mm, 1.2
This is my Go To lens. My favorite. My baby. My sister-from-another-mister. I adore this lens and could shoot an entire shoot with this lens alone. It produces some of my favorite imagery and has helped define my style.

85mm, 1.2
I felt like Rachel Zoe when I first shot with this lens. I was all, Oh my gawd…love it…D.I.E! If you don't know who Rachel Zoe is, God bless you. You're obviously way smarter than the reality-tv-watching me. The only way I know how to explain this lens and how its amazingness is comparing it to taking a bite of a ripened pear. Soft, sweet, and smooth. When it locks in, this lens is golden and produces some of the creamiest images ever.

50mm, 1.4. 85mm, 1.8. 28mm, 1.8.
These homeboys were simply the cornerstone of my new business. Once I made the commitment to prime lenses, these are what I started with and it was best decision. Ever.
The 50mm, 1.4 is probably the best bang for your hard-earned dollar. It consistently produces great imagery and is nothing short of fabulous!
The 85mm, 1.8 is another great lens for the cost. Personally, I think it focuses better than the 1.2 and is light and easy to hold for long periods of time. Love it!
The 28mm, 1.8 is a great prime, wide lens. It happily chugs along and consistently produces sharp imagery.

16-35mm, 2.8
This lens is a perfect story telling lens. It's extremely wide, so allows for an entire story to be documented in a single snap.

24-70mm, 2.8
This lens is pretty much a solve-all as it can be used pretty much in any capacity. It was my first lens and I truly love it as it's like an old teddy bear that I can't get rid of. When I first started, it was all I had and it was SO good to me! 🙂 It's only downfall is that since it's so great within its range, I found myself not walking–or getting involved–with what I was shooting. Now that I'm shooting with prime lenses more often, I'm getting a much different feel to my images because I'm physically more involved with the scene…

100mm, 2.8 Macro
There isn't another lens that can capture details of a dress or bouquet better than this lens. Or wedding rings! I wavered purchasing this lens, but after shooting with it for a few months, I think it was a wise investment and yields images I wouldn't be able to capture otherwise.

15mm, 2.8 Fisheye
I haven't used this lens very much and bought it early on in my business. It's definitely more of a novelty lens and I don't use it all that much, but when used in the right situation, it yields a really cool effect.

70-200mm, 2.8 IS
I love this lens, but I wished I used it more! I usually shoot the wedding ceremony with it and tuck it away after that. JD shoots with this lens often and when I look through his images, I always wish I had used it too! Yes, you can zoom in and capture moments from a distance, but there are times when he uses this lens during the First Look or bride and groom portraits, and the images are just so darn pretty. This lens makes everything appear more photojournalistic and candid…I really don't know how to explain it, but it just yields the nicest images ever. Definitely a must have!

That's all for now, folks. Did I just get all Porky Pig on you?! I think I need a nap.

Again, please don't think these FAQ Posts are written for any other reason than to just help people. I don't think I'm all that and a bag of tortillas. I just would have loved if someone posted something like this for me when I first started, so maybe others may find it helpful too! Happy Tuesday!