Featured In : MSM Magazine

I'm obsessed with small businesses and hustling entrepreneurs.  In fact, I've been known to strike up conversations with strangers on planes regarding their businesses.  One time I met a lady flying from Orange County to Napa who owned a market research company.  Large-scale companies contracted her to do in-person surveys to test their products against competitors.  Intrigued, I asked her how she leveraged social media for her business and an hour later, she gave me her business card to follow up with more ideas.

While waiting in line for a rental car, a guy behind me asked me questions about social media for his business…he admitted to eavesdropping on my conversation on the plane from the seat behind mine.  He and his wife owned a chain of clothing stores and he wanted to use social media to help expand their business.

All this to say, I love entrepreneurs who are hustling to get precisely what they want.  So you can imagine how stoked I was to find a t-shirt that said it all:  ENTREPRENEUR.


I wore this shirt while at a conference a couple months ago, a gift from my good friend Jana Williams.  She snapped a photo of me and I posted it on Instagram, tagging the designer Nicole Gonzalez of Project NM.  In a randomly awesome turn of events, she was featured in MSM Magazine and used our photos to showcase her t-shirts.

And this?  This is social media connecting business owners in a way that makes a difference in how we help each other grow.  So now it's my turn…how can I help you achieve what you want in your business?