Featured on G.O.A.T Podcast with Mike Arce

I had the opportunity to be interviewed as part of the GOAT Show and Podcast. Huge honor, really.

Mike Arce has interviewed the likes of Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone…and a lot of other great thinkers…so to join his tribe was a rare gift.

Mike's show is all about interviewing who he considers to the Greatest Of All Time…and here I thought he asked me as a GOAT because I like to make messes and eat all day.


I loved his interview style and we had a blast getting to know each other better…so much so, I wanted to share this sneak peek, behind-the-scenes look at what will eventually turn into a 45 minute interview on this platforms.

Can't wait, but you can watch this 12-minute sneak peek >>video HERE<<

In case you'd like to skip to the parts that pertain to your questions, feel free to check out this timestamp:
1:25 Definition of GOAT
2:28 Is there anything that you won't talk about publicly?
2:44 Intro to show
3:32 Why are you the GOAT of Social Media Behavior
4:04 What are patterns of social media behavior you see online?
5:02 I teach people about social media marketing, but what am I REALLY teaching them?
5:37 Why does social media excel? What makes it unique in business?
6:10 What is the pattern of a success entrepreneur?
7:08 What is your favorite platform to create content?
7:35 Let's say I'm targeting a specific customer, what type of content do I make for him/her?
10:10 Now that you understand customer behavior, what type of content do they need to see to be attracted to your business?
11:50 Jasmine, who is YOUR target client?

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