February 1st : Shoes + Early Birds + Exposed

I think of random ideas all the time. I'm a professional random idea thinker. If I got paid for all the random thoughts I thought, I'd be a millionaire. Or at least a thousandaire. Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes and then I decided to send all my other slightly used running shoes to Africa. Before check-out I already created the non-profit shoe organization IN MY MIND. I'm currently reading The Poisonwood Bible (oh my goodness, this book? Unreal…I can't put it down!) and the story details how most shoes were comprised of old tires or rags wrapped around feet for those living in poverty in the Congo. I know my shoes can do a lot of great things for those who don't have any, so instead of creating my own organization, I'm reaching out to ask if you know of a great place I can send my shoes.

Who knows…maybe this random idea will lead to something great! I also thought about wearing a prom dress to the grocery store, buying power tools because I love Home Depot, knitting a scarf I started two years ago, wondered what type of guy I'd date if I was really into comic books, soaking in a barrel of BenGay, and making a killer bean dip for the Super Bowl, but I suspect these random ideas will go nowhere.

Onto two not-so-random things:
1. TODAY is the last day for $99 Early Bird ticket prices for The Fix.
I'm hosting a 12-city speaking event and I sincerely hope our paths cross soon. Tomorrow the ticket prices go to $119.00, so hurry and snag a seat!
2. TODAY is the relaunch of EXPOSED Magazine.
Eeeek! Yes, the reorder has arrived and the store is back in action! For those who've supported, encouraged, and chest-bumped along the way, thank you. EXPOSED Magazine is a labor of love and if it helps people along the way, I couldn't be more thankful.