Feeling Stuck? The Answer is HERE

It happens in three’s. If I hear a piece of advice, an idea, a location, or a word three times in a row, it’s a sign for me to PAY ATTENTION.

Sometimes it’s just a feeling or a prompting to call a friend, or send a note.

Last week, three things happened in a row and it’s the reason I’m sending this note to you.

Thing ONE: Last Monday I shared an Ask me Anything Instagram story and the response it received was overwhelming. It struck a chord with tens of thousands of people (who shared the story, sent DMs, and engaged with it).

Thing TWO: Last Tuesday I released a podcast episode entitled The 5 Mindset Shifts for Business Growth, and here—again—my direct message inbox was full of people expressing the shifts they’re making and the impact it had in their desire to get into new rooms.

Thing THREE: I received a text message from a friend who listened to the podcast I just mentioned…

These three things made me realize that it’s time for you to invest in education yourself.

REMINDER: an investment isn’t always in the form of money. Invest time, energy, or resources (you could perhaps barter in exchange for a course, coaching, or a mastermind).

If you feel stuck…or you’re ready for more…or you simply need to jumpstart your growth, get in new rooms.

I believe you can find your way into the right room if you don’t give up.

It happens in three’s,