Finding Your Niche

Hustler, to stick out in a saturated market, you have to become the go-to business based on YOUR purpose and YOUR defined promise. 

*AKA- what you’ll deliver to the customer.*

>>A simple way to showcase your value in your marketing is by filling a specific need and finding your niche. <<

*AKA- who you serve and how you serve them.*

This is important for business owners in all stages of business because getting specific will make it easier to advertise your business and explain EXACTLY what you do.

Don’t you worry, boo boo! You don’t need to carry a magnifying glass or be Sherlock Holmes in order to solve this case. If you answer these three questions, you’ll be able to define your niche faster than Detective Holmes can say, “Dr. Watson.”

Who do you serve?

Clearly identify the type of person your ideal client is…and be specific!

>>When you can focus on a very specific group of people, you’ll have an easier time becoming an industry leader and authority in your field.<<

When I first started my photography business, my ideal clients were brides. I didn’t photograph newborns sessions, senior portraits, or family shots. I focused all my attention on brides.

What problem do you solve?

Once you’ve identified who you serve, determine how you can help them by offering the easiest and most effective solutions.

>>The best businesses take time to understand what problem they are solving and create messages around that.<<

Brides want to feel confident in their vendor decisions. I made sure that my clients knew I would show up, do all that I could, and provide quality photos of the best day of their lives.

What makes you different?

This is your chance to stick out from the competition. Highlight your uniqueness!

>>We all have unique experiences and insights that we could use to differentiate our business from others.<<

This could be big things like degrees, certifications, and awards. But it can also be unconventional things like being self-taught, having a great personality, or making things easy to understand.

Make a list of what makes you specifically qualified to serve your niche.

As a photographer, my unique assets were:

  • I liked to write. *Blogging my work was FUN, and a simple way to advertise my work.*
  • My name stuck out from the crowd. *Thanks, mama!*
  • I profoundly understood my dream customer. *As a newlywed myself, I knew what brides were looking for.*

Congratulations, Buttercup. By answering these questions, you’ve successfully reached detective status without even trying! Now go test out those skills and speak to your niche!

If you’d like to dig deeper into understanding how to define your niche and how to build yourself as an authority, I’d love to see you on the inside of Social Curator, where our membership empowers you with the tools and resources to build your business faster, without losing time or sanity. 

*Social Curator can be the Watson to your Holmes!*

PS- Watch the video below, where I’ll walk you through a simple exercise that my friend Mel Abraham developed called the Value Articulator Statement. You’ll be able to define your purpose in one sentence!