Five Secrets Revealed : How Entrepreneurs Become Successful

I'm an avid reader. In fact, I'm one of those rare people who still reads hardcover books, often carrying one under my arm wherever I go. I love fiction and autobiographies…and I'll occasionally read a business book for good measure. I'm currently reading The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes and I love it. It's a kick in the pants and equally as inspiring.

As Howes recounted stories of leaders, brilliant thinkers, and top performers, I saw a pattern in his book…and the hundreds of others I've read. Highly effective people have five powerful tools in their arsenal and the best part is these tools are available to anyone who'll work hard enough to get them.

5. They are Deaf
Not literally, but they refuse to hear negativity and refuse to pay attention to the ugly things people say. They continue moving forward in spite of doubt, naysayers, and unbelievers. They won't listen…and you don't have to either.

4. They are Undaunted
Things never go as planned, and while plenty of people of people quit when plans go awry, wildly successful entrepreneurs continue to move forward. Do you know where you're going? Good. Don't stop until you've arrived.

3. They are Visionaries
When a powerful entrepreneur has an idea, they are unstoppable. It's those without a clear direction that often get lost or simply give up. The key is to create vision, then execute a series of goals along the way to accomplish what you set out to do.

2. They are Failures (and they're okay with it)
The strongest entrepreneurs have failed. Not once, but a lot of times. Little failures, big failures, humiliating failures. And yet they resilient, finding a way to dust off the hurt. Why? Because failure is feedback. Failure makes you better, so the sooner you embrace it, the better off you'll be.

1. They are Hopeful
Roadblocks, pitfalls, dead-ends. We all face them, but wildly successful people find a way to continue moving forward. It might not look the way as planned, but the best entrepreneurs are hopeful their vision will come to life because they're putting in the hard work. It's when hope is lost that people quit and lose sights of their goals. Are you at a roadblock? Find a way around it and hold onto your hope.

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