Flash Fire Business Strategy Q&A

Do you want to maximize your social marketing endeavors?

Of course you do, hustler! So do I!

*Jasmine Star is my name, and working smarter, not harder is my GAME!*

That’s why I recently went live within the Social Curator private group to host a Q&A session all about how to do just that.

Keep on reading for some questions from dreamers just like you, and some tried-and-true answers from yours truly!

What do I talk about when I go live on Facebook or Instagram?

Let me answer this by asking two more questions in return:

  • What is the #1 question you get asked the most?
  • What was the #1 question you wished you had an answer to when you were first starting out in your business?

Choose your answer to one (or both) of those questions and talk about that during your live videos!

Answer the questions that you now have the answers to based on your experience.Then come back and do it again and again and again!

>>Real, raw energy of you showing up and serving others will serve you well.<<

If I’m wanting to start a business, do I focus on social media or a website first?

I would personally recommend starting with the easiest lifting first, which is social media. After all, you can create an account in five minutes!

But once you’ve established your social media strategy, don’t let it prolong or prevent you from having a website!

You can get your business off the ground without a website, but I can speak from experience that whenever a big opportunity or client has come my way, having a website was the vehicle that drove the transaction.

>>If social media is like a handshake for your business, then a website is like your voice.<<

Utilizing BOTH will help others get to know if you in a personal and professional way. 

How do I maximize my selling at in-person events?

Boo boo, what I’m about to say is going to make you uncomfortable if you’re anything like me. 

*Introverts unite!*

>>To get the most bang for your buck at in-person events, you have to be front-and-center for your audience.<<

Stand in front of your booth, say hello, and compliment people. 

That level of confidence is going to be the thing that sets you apart, and people WILL notice!

Listen friend, I only give advice that I actually take, so please remember that I’ve once been in your shoes. 

Now, I’m here to help you step into your purpose!

I’m all about making the impossibilities possible…with a whole lot of strategy and a little bit of humor mixed in! 

Let’s help each other build our businesses TOGETHER! If you have more questions, I’m always here for you! Hit me up on Instagram with your questions, Buttercup!