For the first time in 12 years, I UNPLUGGED

Awkward admission:  I didn't know how to vacation.  But as most business owners can probably attest, it's normal.

When you start a business, it feels like you're responsible for a baby.  You need to tend it, cuddle it, keep it healthy…and, of course, love it.

There's NO WAY you'd leave a baby alone for a few days, right?  For over a decade, I'd vacation with my computer/baby.  I'd wake up early every morning and sneak in a few hours of work before JD woke up, never really experiencing that oh-goodness-I-just-slept-in-let's-order-room-service-in-bed feeling.

It was also common for me to remain tethered to client emails from my phone while by the beach or pool.  Sorry, JD, it'll juuuuust take one minute to reply to this one…it's the last one, promise!

And the crazy part is that I didn't mind.  In fact, I loved it.  I loved being connected to my baby.

But here's the truth of the matter: while I was happily living a vacation half-life, I was missing out on experiencing the fullness of memories.  Of actually being present.

That had to change, so I tried something new last week:  I UNPLUGGED.

JD and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate…and I did something totally unexpected…I didn't open my computer, didn't post on social media, didn't catch up with email.

I simply slept, ate, read, swam, kissed, walked, ordered guacamole by the pound, and deeply breathed.

As I sit back in my office, I'm incredibly grateful.  I spent five days with a man I love, recharged, and returned with a burning fire to light up our lives…and business.

I hope you make time to do the same.

Location: One and Only Palmilla – Los Cabos, Mexico