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I’m gonna drop a #truthbomb (or two).


Your social media following won’t *magically* increase when you jot “must grow social media following” down on your neverending to-do list.

Alas, your social media following definitely won’t EXPLODE just because you throw a penny down a wishing well, sell your voice to a sea witch, or bet it all on red.

In other words, growing a business takes work.

Like, a lot of work.

When you’re a small creative shop fueled by a big heart, heaps of hope, and a glass (or bottle) of vino…

You’ve only got so much time, cash, and attention to spend on *really* nailing this whole social media growth thing.

And even though you don’t have time on your side…

  • You do have a mobile device in your back pocket.
  • So you can attract a consistent flow of ideal & oh-so-dreamy clients by spending only 30 minutes a day on your mobile.

(Because 30 minutes is the new hour, Boo.)

Drop your name here to access The Accidental Entrepreneur, my new 4-part video series, designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs like yourself…

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(And you thought your phone was just for using the Flower Crown filter in Snapchat. Just you wait.)  

And I’ll even give you my best tips to help you…

  • Be personal as a brand WITHOUT being the person who shares way too much or looks like a total cheeseball
  • Create an impact & drive a steady income on social media without spending your entire day on it (…because your kiddos miss you like crazy)

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