FREE One Day Business Class

I went shopping last night to find an outfit that would make me feel professionalfun, and confident.
I ended up leaving the mall with a pair of sweat pants.  [True story.]
I was shopping because you and me?  We have a date this Thursday, January 12th at 9am PST.
Yes, you heard me right: I'm hosting a business and marketing strategy class on CreativeLive and if you tune in live, you can watch it for FREE.
We have a lot of amazing things in store, but here's a sneak peek…
  • How to Create an Ideal Client Profile (you'll identify who your dream customer is)
  • How to Create Marketing that is intentional, not just a business commercial
  • How to Leverage the Power of You and the Value You Communicate
  • How to Balance Your Work Roles as Creative/Manager/Entrepreneur
  • How to Create Your Dream Work Day
  • How to Create a Marketing Ecosystem
  • How to Avoid the Top 3 Website Design Mistakes
  • How to Ensure Your Social Media Reflects Your Brand
  • How to Use a 5-Step Copywriting Plan
  • The Fastest way to Find Dream Clients
  • …and MORE!


Be sure to RSVP for your seat, to ensure you get access to a full day of hit-the-ground-running learning.
This is the perfect way to start your year off with a POW! and I can't wait to see you online soon!
I might be wearing sweatpants,