Friday Randomness : Bad Ideas + Optimism

It's this weird thing we do, almost like it's become the start to every brain-storming session we have. And I'll always preface it the same way: Okay, so. This is a bad idea…but I LOVE bad ideas…because they eventually lead to good ones! You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who loves bad ideas more than me. It's always the worst ones that bring out the best in my thought process, so the way it works is I'll spill terrible idea after terrible idea, and then JD will throw out a ridiculous idea (no, we will NOT travel the US selling bar-be-que from the back of a truck!), but the next thing you know, a kernel of an idea is born.

So often I felt tied to the notion that good ideas could only be heard. I was like the Good Idea Gestapo. Bad idea? OFF TO JAIL WITH YOU!

What we discovered, however, was when we allowed ourselves the freedom to think big, impossible, ridiculous ideas, then let the fluff fall away, we saw a tiny piece of clay we could pummel into reality. And maybe this process is a little optimistic, but who cares? They're only ideas. And whenever you doubt yourself, think of one of my favorite cartoons:

Here's a few other random things I came across the Internet this week that made me laugh…and revealed the depths of my juvenile humor.

I'm gonna post this in my office…

I'll end with this picture…I came across it on the interwebz and it's my new 2012 mantra…

Happy Friday…go think up some bad ideas!