Friday Randomness : Letting Go

Once I had a conversation with a guy I just met. It was at a random mixer in Costa Mesa where hipsters poured onto the sidewalk from a nearby warehouse (that doubled as a office for cool kids) like stylish dolls spilling from Ryan Gosling's childhood toy box. He was telling a story and then got to a part when he said, …it's like that moment in high school when you stop caring what other people think and say eff it, ya know? I nodded absent-mindedly as I secretly wished for a pair of dark-rimmed glasses. And a bird tattoo.

I got in the car that night three years ago and realized I never had that moment in high school. When umm, like, I didn't care. In fact, I really cared. And this absurd caring continued right into college, past law school, and inched its way into my professional life as I started my photography business.

I let caring get in the way of being me, so sometime around 2010, I let go. It's not like I woke up and made a conscious decision (although it would have been cool to burn it on a stick or have a ceremonial toilet flushing), but I simply told myself if people don't like me, they can stop looking. It was just that simple. It was a small revelation but has since freed me to grow into who I am…without the need for dark-rimmed glasses.

In celebrating my love for all things pseudo hipster, mixers, and fabulous, here's a toast to Friday Randomness…

I vow to never eat another Oreo unless it looks like this…

I don't use a camera strap, but I came across this cool DIY tutorial on how to make your own strap on Hello Brit…love the ingenuity and originality. Ooooh, doth my inner hipster reveal itself?!

Happy Friday!