Friday Randomness : Pain + Inventions

I felt it coming, but continued to push through and pretend it wasn't there. And then…wait for it…wait for it…BAM! My body decided to stop working yesterday and rendered me helpless to a sinus infection. I think the doctor's exact words were, Why did you wait so long to come in when you're in serious pain?

I didn't have the strength to be all, Dude, my dad's a Marine…I've been raised to believe if I'm not missing an appendage or carrying a comrade away from combat in a sweltering Vietnamese jungle, pain is merely a noun used by dramatic wedding photographers.

I have four different medications to deal with my illness, but I'm excited because there's a lot of great things going up next week. HOLLLLLA! Until then, I'll leave you with another installment of Friday Randomness…

You know a fat kid invented this…and I love him for it.

Just when I couldn't love Katniss any more than I do…

Happy Friday!