Friday Randomness : Weirdness All Around

I used to think that I was one of the few people in the world who found certain things funny. Like, really, really funny. JD, my family, anyone within earshot might give me a weird look or a disapproving glare, but it wasn't until I've been on the road that I've been able to connect with people who are just as weird as me. AND I LOVE IT. These are people who laugh at my jokes, think my inappropriateness is, well, appropriate, and don't think I talk fast.

In light of knowing these people exist, I'll continue to post these random posts because there might be other people who think Friday is a great day to get cray. And, yes, I use cray in every day vernacular.


Proof my mom is no longer the best mom in the world.

I'll end this post with this…because, really…it stopped me in tracks and made me think.

Happy Friday!