From a Trailer Park to Center Stage

I used to LIVE for industry events. Speaking engagements, masterminds, workshops… You name it, I’ve probably lived and loved it! 

But then all of a sudden, when I got my baby girl, I weigh every minute away from her because… *sigh* It’s got to be worth it. Every moment. It must count. When I think of my baby girl, I think of my grandmother…

Grandma Flor worked in factories and cleaned offices when she left Puerto Rico to work in California. She later moved to Las Vegas, ten minutes off the strip, Lamb Boulevard, where she welcomed me with open arms into her trailer home.

Trailer Park to Center Stage

Grandma Flor worked for decades without seeing progress. 

  • She rode buses, 
  • Clipped coupons, and 
  • Prayed the rosary for help to get through each day.

She watched my mom struggle to pay bills and offered my dad help when she could.

Oh, how I wish she could’ve seen her granddaughter stand on stage to thank her for her sacrifice!

>>My grandmother survived so I could thrive.<<

I’m forever indebted to the lessons she taught me, and it’s one of my greatest honors to share what I’ve learned.

I often think to myself… 

“If my grandmother could see me now, she would see how her sacrifice empowered her grandchild to stand on a stage because she lived in a trailer park, woke up early, and spent hours commuting on the bus each day…” 

If that’s not the American dream, I don’t know what is.

I think it’s important for you to know that if you so choose, if you are so blessed, and if you are somebody’s grandma or grandfather, the hours you spend getting by, hoping for more, and dreaming big… 

>>You are somebody’s forerunner.<<   

The uncertainty, setbacks, and sacrifices are not in vain. Someone–whether it be your children, grandchildren, a friend, or even a stranger–will be able to stand on your shoulders because of what you are doing now.  

If you feel like you’re not gaining any traction or not achieving the results you want, know that you are showing other people what is possible.

Your relentless pursuit of chasing after what you want most in this world is paving the way for someone else to believe their dream is also possible. Hot dang! 

It’s in these moments that you have a choice: Are you going to stop, or are you going to say, “I may be uncomfortable paying my bills, putting dinner on the table for my family, and living in uncertainty, but I’m going to keep moving forward relentlessly”?

I still love industry events. I still stand on stages. I still attend masterminds and workshops… The work I do now IS worth it for my baby girl, and anyone else I have the honor of uplifting. I do this because my grandmother lived in a trailer park, and did what she could do… for me. 

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