From Zero To Successful In 6 Steps

I made so many mistakes building my business.

Looking back, however, they were the BEST lessons.

I’m stronger, wiser, and better for persevering…and I want my lessons to not only save you time, but prevent you from making the same mistakes I did!

Buttercup, can I please save you time, energy, and frustration?

>>If I lost everything and had to start over, I wouldn’t be sad. I’d be HIGH ON DETERMINATION.<<

If I had to start over from scratch tomorrow, here are the six steps I’d take to get from zero to successful…again:

1. Feel It

Rather than numbing myself as a defense mechanism *been there, done that*, I’d allow myself to feel the misery of the dream chase. 

I now know that it was in my deepest, darkest moments that a fire was ignited in my soul that helped me determine my next steps. That flame was what kept me pushing forward.

2. Find a Job

>>You can’t create the business of your dreams if you’re also worried about how you’re going to pay rent or where you’re going to sleep at night.<<

*#keepingitreal, am I right?!*

Get a job now so you can do what you love later. 

3. Find Your Passion

Put aside the fear of whether or not you’re going to make money and then identify what you’re truly passionate about. 

>>Figure out what makes your heart sing, and pursue that with every ounce of your being.<<

Ignore the insecurities, the what-ifs, and the fears. Know that you can do anything if you’re fully committed.

4. Research

Spend as much time as possible *without getting stuck in analysis paralysis!* researching people that are doing what you want to do.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, my friend. Find out what’s working for other people who are ahead of you and make it your own. Put your own spin on a proven method.

5. Share

Get out there, tell your story, and engage with people.  

  • Give discounts to build your portfolio.
  • Network with other people in your industry.
  • Partner with other businesses or brands that serve the same dream client as you.
  • Post on social media every day.

If all else fails, sit on the couch and leave 20-25 direct messages or comments to dream customer accounts each day.

6. Invest Back Into Your Business

I understand the tempation of wanting to spend your hard earned paycheck on a shiny new purse or a nice vacation. After all, you’ve been hustling and you deserve it! 

But it’s likely that doing so is going to keep you in the job that you don’t want even longer.

>>The faster you can scale your business, the faster you can travel on your own time and live the life of your dreams.<<

Reward yourself, but put a majority of what you’re making back into your business so you can continue pursuing your passion and building your dreams, not someone else’s. 

There you have it, boo boo. These are the six steps you need to take if you want to turn your dreams into a reality. These are the steps I’d make sure to implement if I lost everything and had to start from scratch.

If I did it once before, I could do it again…twice as good and in half the time because of what I learned.

It’s not to say that there will never be bumps in the road. Let’s face it, bumps are inevitable.

Life is messy, but it’s worth it when you’re doing something you love, don’t you agree?