Why You Should Get Personal On Social Media

Do you ever wonder why personal photos always perform better than the helpful, amazing business content you have to share?

*Let me teach you a little psychology lesson. Buckle up, Buttercup!*

>>As humans, we desire human-to-human connection.<<

That’s what your followers are searching for from you.

Get Personal On Social Media

With each post you share, your followers are trying to find parallels between your life and theirs.

  • Everytime you share a photo of your baby…
  • Everytime you post about cooking dinner…
  • Everytime you show a hobby that you love…

Someone finds you relatable.

*And that’s amazing!*

As you put out more personal content, you’ll find that others identify with you on a personal level, and that leads to increased trust and engagement.

Now, I know it may be tempting to make every post one about your personal life, but that isn’t the way to go either.

There is a distinct balance between personal and business, but that balance looks different for each person.

The more you share about your personal life, the more questions you’ll receive on that topic. *Rather than your business that pays the bills.*

>>Share your personal content in a business light to create connection while still establishing authority.<<

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