Griffith Observatory Engagement

Of all the students at USC Law School, she stood out.  Of all the blond-hair, blue-eyed girls in Los Angeles, she stood out.  Of all the kind-hearted Californians (by way of Massachusetts), she stood out.  Phillip was determined to meet Stephanie because she was the type of girl who left an impression.  He made sure their study groups overlapped, even returning one night to the library after attending a Lakers game, much to the surprise of his friends.  That was a true sign Phillip simply wanted reasons to be around Stephanie.

After a group trip to Mammoth, Stephanie and Phillip began to see each other as more than just friends and soon became serious.  They graduated and began their careers in Los Angeles, trading in nights at the library to nights together at home.  When Phillip proposed, Stephanie happily agreed to marry one of the sweetest men she's ever encountered.

They planned their engagement session in LA, the city of dreams, as it was the perfect background to their love story.  As the sun set along the city skyline, they held hands, danced in the sunlight, and enjoyed an afternoon in each others' arms.


Many thanks to Kerrie Underhill for connecting me with this amazing couple…I know their wedding will be nothing short of amazing!


The light was perfect, the day was bright, and the sun was golden…I couldn't ask for more!


The Griffith Observatory is always crowded…with view of Los Angeles like this, it's impossible not to be.  However, it seemed like for a entire minute, the couple had the place to themselves…loved it!


Phillip spoke highly of the architecture of the Observatory, so I hope this archway shows off two things he finds beautiful: The historic landmark, and his fiancé!

Griffith-Observatory-Engagement-Photo5 Griffith-Observatory-Engagement-Photo6

What a perfect way to spend a beautiful day in LA!