I still ask people for their address, because I want to send them note cards. Watch out! I just might mail you one.  #ilovesnailmail

Back in the day, someone suggested that I start a newsletter.

I thought it was a little odd, but said, “OK!” I love to write. I LOVE connecting with people. Let’s do this.

I’d send tips and tricks. I’d pop in their inbox and ask, “How ya doing?” Then, something magical happened.

Newsletters allowed me to create a personal connection with people.

I thought newsletters would become a memory like LL Cool Jay’s song, Mama Said Knock You Out, HUH!

They didn’t. They became my secret weapon to growing my business. By showing up in people’s inboxes weekly, they felt like they could trust me.

When I emailed about new projects I was working on, my subscribers wanted to be a part of it. Why? We were pen pals. Now that I know how powerful newsletters are for sales, I’ve looked for ways I can build my list.

>> Watch this video <<< to learn how:


  • Checklists (5 apps I can’t live without or 10 steps to get more done on a Monday)
  • Tutorials (blogs, videos, guest posts)
  • Videos (behind the scenes of building your brand or how to dress to rock your next talk)
  • eBooks (Decadent desserts without any sugar or how to build your MLM business without being pushy)


I like to call them Opportunities, because the content I create makes people’s lives better. In turn, it makes my business memorable.

When they use my checklist, they’ll think of me. When they watch my video, they’ll feel as if I’m a friend, since I’ve extended my hand to help.

Here’s an example…
I was speaking at an event in San Diego filled with business owners. A light bulb went off. What helpful resource could I create to invite them to sign up for my newsletter? They wanted to post on social media about where they were in California, but didn’t have time to get good shots of the area since they were indoors. So, I took five photos of San Diego for them to download and use on social media.
In order to receive them, they’d have to input their email address. It was a great way for me to grow my list, which gave me the opportunity to follow up. I could check in and see how they liked the event. Send tips and tricks.

Basically start and nurture a relationship with my new friends via email. It positioned my brand as helpful.


Trust me when I say, “It’s a GAME CHANGER.” There’s nothing stronger than showing up in someone’s inbox. You and me, boo. Let’s chat about how I can help you.

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