Do You Feel Guilty About Selling?

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you know I’m not afraid to tell it like it is.

Get ready, because I’m about to hit you with some more real talk:

>>There is no secret to making sales on social media.<<

If you are feeling guilty about selling your product or service, it’s because you have been conditioned to believe that you need tips, tricks, and hacks to make a sale.

*That isn’t the case, Buttercup.*

In fact, you don’t need to focus on selling at all. You only need to serve.

Let’s be real: As soon as people see your product or service, they instantly think of *alllllllllllllll* the reasons they don’t want it, need it, or will get it later. 

>>Your job as a business owner is to change people’s minds. Not because you want to make money, but because there is something valuable about what you have to offer.<<

Regardless of the value you offer, 98% of the people who see it will say no.

  • Does that mean you should stop showing up? Of course not!
  • Does that mean you feel guilty about showcasing your business? Heck no!
  • Does that mean you don’t offer value? Nooooooo!

But I have a mantra that I love to repeat when I’m feeling discouraged: “If not now, then soon.”

>>People will always keep an eye on what you create far before they ever whip out their wallets to pay for it. That’s simply human nature!<<

So continue to build new interest by showing up consistently in different ways and with a strategy. I promise, it’s just a matter of time before the *right* people will come around.

  • I go Live on Instagram, Facebook, and Clubhouse every week.
  • I post videos, podcast episodes, and interviews… for FREE. 
  • I answer every DM I receive daily.

Why? Because I want to serve my audience well before I ever sell a dang thing.

>>I want to provide so much value for free that my audience wonders what the service is like when they actually pay.<<

So, take this advice to heart, Hustler: Serve over sell. 

And when they do hand over their credit card? Blow their dang minds! 

>>Remember: If not now, then soon.<<

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