3 Easy Hand Transitions for Reels

Want the 4-1-1 on Reel transitions that will earn you some claps?

The 3 hand transitions I’m about to show you are super easy and will have you posting engaging, educating, and empowering Reels before your new followers can say, “Oh, snap!”

3 Hand Transitions for Reels

What are Transitions?

Transitions are a fun and engaging way to move from one video clip in your Reel to another.

Why Transitions Matter

Transitions help to keep your audience’s attention, which therefore increases the likelihood that they’ll stop their scroll. 

Remember that when someone finds your Reel, they’ve most likely been scrolling past a fair amount of Reels before they got to yours. 

>>You’ve only got 1-3 seconds to captivate their attention before they decide to scroll on by, so make those seconds count!<< 

Don’t worry friend, you’re in good hands because I’m about to show you how *pinky swear!*

Here are a few of my favorite (easy) hand transitions:

The Snap

As in: “Oh, snap! This Boss is crushing it!”

  • Get started by opening up Instagram and clicking on the plus sign at the top of your page, and then clicking on Reel.
  • Then set a 3 second timer and end your clip with a snap at the lens.
Start by setting a 3 second timer and snap at the lens
  • Now trim to 1/4th of your first clip, and 
  • Next, set a timer and align yourself with the first clip
  • Begin your second clip with a snap and continue on recording.

The X  

As in: “You’ve got the “x” factor!”

  • Create an “X motion” with your hands in front of your face.
  • Next you’ll trim your clip so you end when your hands are caught in action. 
  • Set the timer and align yourself again to create the same “X motion.”
trim your clip so your hands are caught in action

The Swing

As in: “You’re getting in the “swing” of things now!”

  • Begin the first clip by creating a swinging motion.
  • Mid-swing, end the clip and transition to a new one using the timer and the align tool.
  • If you’re really in the groove, feel free to swing your hips at the end too! 

Let’s take a look at how a service and product-based business could incorporate these transitions into their Reels to grow their engagement and business. 

Service-based Business Example:

The Snap: A Business Coach shares a piece of advice on how to stay productive, then uses the snap transition to show themselves in a new outfit, smiling at how the productive tip they shared will make their audience feel. 

The X: A Doula creates a Reel that shares the #1 thing an expecting mom should be prepared for when working with a Doula for the first time, and then use the “x motion” transition to share what they shouldn’t expect when working with a doula for the first time. 

The Swing: A tree trimming service provider creates a fun “before and after” Reel of a customer’s tree, and uses the swing transition between the before clip and the after clip.    

Product-based Business Example:

The Snap: A Smoothie Shop creates a Reel showing all the ingredients of their featured smoothie going in the blender, and then uses the “snap motion” to transition to the delicious smoothie in a cup.

The X: An earring designer creates a Reel of a model wearing an outfit with no accessories, then uses the “x motion” to transition to their model wearing their featured earrings.  

The Swing: A bag company creates a Reel of someone getting ready to walk out the door, then uses the “swing motion” to transition to wearing the bag before they leave. 

There you have it! You’ve now got 3 easy and engaging hand transitions that will take your Reel (and your business) to the next level. Now that deserves an applause!

Ready to see all three transitions in action together? Watch the video below!

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3 Easy Hand Transitions Tutorial