Happy 10th Anniversary

Dear JD…
If Good was a thing, you'd have lots of them.
If Good was a scent, you'd smell like an endless ocean.
If Good was a sound, you'd be silence so profound it's deafening.
If Good was something I could touch, you'd feel like a hug after a hard day.
If Good was something to see, it'd look like a stunning sunset made of violet, scarlet, and indigo.
If Good was a person, he'd look just like you.

When people ask, I have a hard time describing you. My tongue gets tied and my brain becomes muddled because, really, how can I put you into words? The easiest–and truest–thing I say is this: my husband is good, from the inside out.

Taxi drivers tell you their life story. Bus boys shake your hand when you leave a restaurant. Old ladies ask you to watch their bags at the airport. Strangers trust you because goodness seeps like light from within you.

I noticed the same thing the first time we met, but when we married 10 years ago on this very day, I realized I was in the rare position to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch such an infinite amount of goodness. As a result, you made me better. I'm good because you share so much to those around you. You are the best part of who I've become.

Happy Anniversary, sweet husband.