Happy Birthday Jasmine

It wouldn't do you justice if I described you as smart. Smart is what I call people who know everything about everything. It's how I describe you to a stranger on a plane or at the grocery store.

But to those who have spent time with you, I describe you as ferociously inquisitive.  You use questions the way a surgeon uses a scalpel or a chef her knives. You unabashedly ask questions because you desire getting to the source of what drives people.

Because you actually care. You don't have time to chew the fat or make small talk. You want to listen for the real story.

How does your daughter feel about your decision to leave?

Will you call him to tonight?

Is there a difference between love and commitment?

Did you have a girlfriend before the accident?

Embarrassed, shocked, gobsmacked?  Not anymore. Your questions, mostly innocuous, give me a glimpse into your heart, your mind, your love for humanity and truly getting to what matters in life

For this and so much more, I'm proud to share a life with you.  Here's to you and your inquisitive mind and many more questions.

Happy birthday to you, my smart wife.