Happy Thanksgiving + 365 Reasons of Appreciation

So, I keep a journal.  It’s mostly just a few scribbled sentences per day, but, still.  I write.

I write to remember how I’m feeling every morning, I write to look back and say, The road was bumpy and the journey was hard, but you’ve come a long way.

Why am I speaking to myself in third person right now?  Ugh.  Somebody stop me!!

The book I write in has 365 pages, so I simply loop through the same pages year after year.  Today I read the old passages—some make me cringe, others make me laugh—and all I can think is how thankful I am.

I might not be where I want, but I’m appreciative of the direction I’m headed.  I’m thankful for health (every year my mom’s brain cancer is in remission is a miracle!), I’m thankful for love (particularly an ever-patient and gracious husband), and I’m thankful for community (here’s looking at you, kid).

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.  XOXO.