Have You Given Yourself Permission To Dream?

When I dropped out of law school all those years ago, I tailspun into feeling lost, worried, and overwhelmingly sad.

I lived most of my life in fear.

  • Did I make the right decision?
  • Did I make a mistake?
  • What are they going to say about me? 

>>When I look back, I felt all these emotions because I didn't give myself permission to dream.<<

I focused on what could go wrong, instead of all the reasons it could work. 

Humming along to my *fave* pop mix on Spotify (a lil bit of Drake, Taylor Swift, and Lauryn Hill), I’m reflecting on all of the dreams I pushed aside out of FEAR…

*I put all of my business dreams folded perfectly like origami swans in a shoebox behind my old N’SYNC stickered, 5-disc boombox and my dusty yearbooks.*

I bet you have a similar kind of shoebox in your home (…or your mind), filled with the BIG goals you set for your business & life over the last few years…

The *same* goals you may have nudged under your Moroccan rug after second-guessing yourself…

I call it “The Shoebox of Business Dreams Past”…

Similar to REM-style dreams, as soon as you scoot your flannel-onesie’d booty out of bed → your resolutions vanish into thin air…


What would it look like if you chose to say YES?

  • Yes to risk.
  • Yes to fear.
  • Yes to the odds stacked against you.
  • Yes to your dreams.

There are millions of reasons why you could talk yourself out of pursuing your big, scary dream, BUT YOU WON’T.

You won’t let another year pass without taking life by the horns and saying, 

“I’m ready… and I’m not backing down… get ready because I’m gonna do this and you better be prepared for my awesomeness.”

So, say it with be, buttercup: This is my year.

Say it so many times that it becomes your mantra of truth. Ahem, the Truth.

If I could go back to my 23-year-old self and give her life-changing advice, I'd say, “Please believe that what you think is impossible today, can be possible for you tomorrow.” 

Friend, comment below: what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?