Her Question Caught Me Off Guard

I recently told my therapist I liked to be fully prepared at all times and she asked, “is that really necessary?

My brain started spinning.

But, WAIT! How could someone see my potential if I didn’t have my “be prepared” gear on? How could they know my capabilities if I didn’t have my protective sources of success?

After a few years of therapy, I think I’ve (slowly) come to realize that the gear without the person behind it means nothing.

Whatever we use to hide our insecurities and fears aren’t really hiding anything at all.

And, maybe, if we let ourselves be fully seen, it’d be the fastest way to show our untapped potential.

The question I'm asking myself – and I invite you to ask yourself – is “will I allow myself to stand unguarded in the face of uncertainty?”

I hope you do, j*

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