Holiday Break 2017

I want to take a sec to introduce myself…but with a holiday twist! My name is Jasmine Star (but my pals call me J Star) and I'm photographer + business strategist from Newport Beach.  I'm blessed to work with my husband/business parter (JD) and our grumpy dog (Polo).

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it wouldn't be complete without watching Home Alone, wrapping gifts in ridiculously large bows, making tamales, and sipping champagne.

I spend too much time staring at the Christmas cards my friends send (no, really, it's creepy), especially when they come from my students. I am SO proud to see them build their businesses and create a life they love.

This is why each year I step back and reevaluate where my business is headed in the future and I find more ways I can help.  We'll be taking a break from social media until 2018, but I'm already SO excited to follow our dreams and help each other in the New Year!! Much Love + Appreciation… j*