How Do You Start the Process of Executing Big Ideas?

She asked me, “How with big ideas, do you begin your process? Do you assemble a team first? Do you lay the groundwork for your dream and then assemble a team?”

my process is simple: just start.

i know that sounds ridiculous and novice, but it's my truest advice. i'm not gonna tell you to do research, create a business plan, or write a mission statement (at least not yet).

my goal for you is just to do the dang thing!!

to be honest, you have an idea of what you want, but the market hasn't had the chance to mold it yet. you must put it out, let your followers share it, tag it, mold it before you create a big vision for it.

set your intentions for one month. what do you plan to do for 30 days? then stay committed to it. once that month is over, then assess what needs to be fixed and then set goals for another 30 days.

after 60 days, if you stayed true to your intentions and goals, you'll have a really good darn idea of what people really want and how you can create value in their lives.

so, for now, just DO THE WORK. set your intentions. list your 30 days goals. list your 60 day goals.

once you've done this for yourself, THEN you can create a team based on exactly what you need. right now it's all just a guessing game until you know–precisely–what your followers want, and what you need.

go slay, bae, go slay.