How I Create + Plan Out My Videos

Did you know that in addition to my live chats, I create produced video content every.single.week. on IGTV, Facebook, and YouTube?!

Dude, I love video.

I didn’t always enjoy it *and I still don’t LOVE having to put makeup on 😉 * but I have grown to appreciate the value in using video in my business’ content strategy.

>>Videos allow me to make a deeper connection with my audience, give you a look into my life, and make us feel like we are having a real conversation, one on one.<<

Today, I want to give you a sneak peak into my video ideation, creation, and planning process!

  1. Location: When I am planning my videos, one of the first things I brainstorm about is the filming location. Diverse backgrounds are best for lifestyle videos, such as sitting at a coffee shop, driving in the car, sitting on the couch, or making a smoothie. However, your business may not have a lifestyle vibe like mine, in which case you may consider sitting against a blank wall, in your office, or at a desk.
  2. Topic: The topics I create for my videos are derived from conversations I am having every day with my audience, such as questions they ask in my DM’s. When I plan topics, it is important to know that these are not always the final TITLE for the video… They are simply a content idea. The title comes later!
  3. Call To Action: For engagement and connections, it is important to have an action for your audience to take after watching every single video, such as opting in for your newsletter, leaving a comment, or sharing with a friend. When I plan out my videos, I always try to diversify my call-to-actions so I am not always selling to my audience.
  4. Body: Of course, this process would not be complete without the meat of my videos! When I plan, I do not write complete scripts but rather a bulleted list of points I want to make. These bullets are usually enough to jog my memory in the moment, but will definitely require a little more practice if you’re just starting out.

>>Remember: as you create videos, think of your dream customers in order to produce content that helps/inspires/educates them.<<

When you lead with value and benefits for THEM, you build trust…and trust is PRICELESS digital currency on the internet!

Do you love creating videos for your audience? Want to start serving them with a new type of content? Let me know below where you are in the creation process so I can cheer you on from afar!