How I Plan My Social Media Posts In 40 Minutes

When I tell business owners that I take just 40 minutes to plan my social media for the week, they usually look at me with that I-don’t-believe-you-but-I’ll-just-smile-and-nod look.

*The truth is, I don’t blame them!*

Before I created a process for planning my content systematically, I used to spend hours writing the perfect caption and styling curated photos.

And to be honest, I felt like I was spending more time creating for social media than I was being creative for my business. So I knew something had to change!

Eventually, I figured out a way to plan my content with ease, and I’d love to share with you my process each Sunday.

Here is how I plan my social media posts in just 40 minutes every week!

  1. First, I organize my upcoming posts around the 7-9 categories I regularly talk about each week (ex: behind-the-scenes, about me, work projects, etc). I have found that having caption categories help me stay focused with my content, create consistency for my audience, and made it easier for me to know what to post about every week.
  2. Next, I plan my post for each day using a caption template to help get my creativity going (and save time). If you would like 10 FREE caption templates to use as inspiration for your next week of posts, download mine for free >>HERE!<<
  3. On days when I want to post about something in the future (ex: if someone in my family has a birthday that week or I’m going to be at a speaking event), I simply make a note to take a picture on that day and post it with my pre-written caption then.
  4. Once I have all my content planned for Instagram, I then arrange for the posts to be shared on Facebook at a different time and day (making sure I don’t use hashtags or @ mentions on Facebook…I’m always careful to respect the differences of each platform!)
  5. Finally, I sit back and enjoy a good dinner with my family knowing my week is planned and I am saving time!

Friend, cutting my social media planning time in half has allowed me to spend more time serving members of Social Curator, putting together more tutorials and resources, and ultimately bring in more paying clients. And I’d LOVE for you to experience this freedom too! Click >>HERE<< to get access to a sneak peek of the Social Curator experience. 

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