How I Set My 2020 Goals

You know how during the World Cup, the announcer says “goal” like “GOOOOOOOAL!!!!”? 

*Well friend, that’s how I’m feeling about 2020.*

Recently, my business partner (AKA my husband) and I spent the weekend writing down our 2020 goals as a way to reflect on 2019 and propel into the new year with a GOOOOOOOAL-kicking plan! 

>>Year after year, I’ve been able to double my business. This is because I’ve set goals and taken action.<< 

If I remain stagnant and continue doing the same actions, I’d expect to see the same results.

*But this girl isn’t sitting still in her business!*

>>If my actions don’t map my aspirations, I get NOTHING.<<

So, every year, we create a plan that is a culmination of action-taking, dream-making ideas that will provide a foundation for the year ahead, using these five goal-setting steps: 

1. Journal

How have things transitioned over the past year?

If you want some free therapy, grab a pen and start writing in a journal. Trust me, being able to brain dump and getting everything down on paper reaches a whole new level of catharsis.

Giving yourself the ability to have mental clarity will open your mind to a clean slate that the new year provides.

2. 2019 wins

What do you want to do more of in 2020?

Recognize what worked well for you this past year. *And don’t forget to celebrate those wins, Buttercup!*

If you don’t look back and think about what you’ve accomplished, you’ll always feel like you’re behind.

3. 2019 lessons

What didn’t work so well last year?

Note that this step ISN’T called 2019 mistakes. Rather, these are valuable lessons that offer pivotal opportunities.

If you vow to make a change, then you’ve learned (and acted upon) your lesson.

4. 2020 goals

What do you want to achieve?

Goals are outcome-based, meaning they require action to reach a desired destination… and that takes work.

But, that shouldn’t stop you from shooting for the stars!

>>Write down your goals as if success is a foregone conclusion as soon as your pen hits the paper.<<

5. 2020 intentions

How do you want to be?

Intentions describe the way you want to feel. 

Your intentions must be in alignment with your goals. If in the process of reaching goals, you’re unhappy, stressed, or overwhelmed, then what’s the point?

Now it’s your turn, boo boo. Get a piece of paper and write out these five steps. Then take some time to list a few points for each step that maps out how you will take ACTION in 2020.

>>When you take action (whether it’s messy, scary, right, wrong, or anything in between), one of two things will happen: you will learn what NOT to do in the future, or you will learn what to do AGAIN in the future.<< 

You have what it takes to reach your goals. 

Any don’t worry…when you’re out on the field kicking those GOOOOOOOALS, I’ll be rooting for you in the stands like a crazy person! 


Because I believe in you and your potential to achieve success!

All YOU have to do is believe in yourself…and take action!