How It Started vs. How It’s Going

I’ve been seeing this trend on TikTok sharing side-by-side comparisons of “how it started” and “how it’s going”.

If you haven’t seen the trend, these clips basically show photos or videos of what life was like before, and what life is like now.

I’ve seen everything from relationships, to breakups (or marriages!), to weight loss journeys, and so much more!

*Seriously, if you want some free entertainment, search #howitstarted & #howitsgoing on TikTok. You’re welcome!*

>>I figured I’d hop on the trend train and add my own update on the fixer upper house my husband, JD, and I bought earlier this year.<<

How It Started

Back in January, we found a pocket listing in Newport Beach, made an offer, and it was accepted on the same day.

This house has MAJOR 70s vibes going on, which may sound groovy… but not exactly what we want in a home, so we moved into an apartment so the house could get some much-needed updates.

…and then the pandemic happened.

>>Read more about this CRAZY experience (like how we sold our house in two days and were paired for adoption the following week) in this blog post!<< 

How It’s Going

We’re still living the glamorous apartment life, but after 10 loooooong months, we’ve started the renovation process in our home! 

Watch >>this video<< to see our best impersonation of Chip and Joanna Gaines during DEMO Day, where we tear down walls (and fear) and build hope…and our dreams. 

Are we crazy? Maybe. Are we happy? Definitely. 

We’re so excited to FINALLY make our house a home.