How Often Should You Post?

Do you want to know what question I get asked the most?

“Jasmine, how often should I post on social media?”

Well, friend, the answer to that question depends entirely on what you are capable of. 

How often should you post?

>>You should post however much you can, when you can. But if push comes to shove, I recommend posting on social media every single day.<<

Now, I don’t want you to hear that and feel like I’ve placed a heavy weight upon your shoulders.

It will feel heavy if you haven’t posted in a week or a month. It will feel like I’m asking somebody to ride in the Tour de France when they are just getting on a tricycle.

Let me be crystal clear: If you don’t have the endurance to post once a day, all I ask is that you create a plan and get started somewhere.

  • Choose how many posts you will share this week.
  • Pick a number, any number. 
  • Stay committed to the thing you want to do.

>>Success on social media comes on the back of consistency and commitment.<<

If you are not consistent or committed, you’ll have a hard time building up a relationship with your audience in order to get sales and move the needle in your business.

But it isn’t enough to only show up for this week alone. Decide how many times you are going to show up in 30 days. *Some quick math will tell you that number if you multiply your number of weekly posts by four.*

If you are going to post 3 times this week, that makes 12 posts this month. And you know what, Hustler? Twelve posts with a strategy, commitment, and a plan to implement are going to move that needle more than you’d think.

After those 30 days are up? Well, I’m going to challenge you one more time: Ask yourself if you could do a little more in the following 30 days. 

>>The way you change your business is to first change your behavior.<<

And making small, incremental changes is what’s going to build up your endurance to be in this game for the long haul.

Social Media Marketing Guide: Learn how to connect with your dream customer online

Are you ready to have a plan for consistency and commit to it? I gotchu. Here’s a link to my Social Media Marketing Guide if you need a little extra nudge in the right direction or help getting started. You can download it >>HERE<< and start showing up on social media today.