How Popcorn Changed a Family’s Legacy

Once in a while, a testimonial for Social Curator comes along that just POPS, and Carman’s story is a perfect example of that, so I just had to share it with you. 

In fact, if her journey was a feature-length film, I’d happily watch it over and over! 

Keep reading to learn why… 

How Popcorn Changed a Family's Legacy

Carman and her husband, Nate, started POPPED! in 2019, and joined Social Curator in the Fall of 2020 to market and grow their business. At the time, they had EXACTLY the right amount to sign up for the yearly subscription. 

Later that year, Carman had the opportunity to come on Live with me during one of the group coaching sessions that we offer to Curators each month. 

That coaching session quite literally changed the course and future of her business after another Curator from within our Community saw it and reached out to ask if she could utilize her 20+ years of corporate brand design experience to redesign their brand… FOR FREE. 

They were thrilled and of course said, “YES!”

They later learned the redesign they received was worth $7,000 which was SO WORTH the investment they made in joining Social Curator

Since their rebrand, POPPED! has had TREMENDOUS growth on all of their social media platforms, as well as tons of recognition locally due to applying the principles they’ve learned since joining Social Curator. 

But the story doesn’t end there. 

Cut to just last month… Carman and Nate were approached by a large corporation that was looking for healthy snacks to add to their shelves. 

They decided to upgrade their popcorn bags, and use their fellow Curator and designer to update their product design once again! Guess what happened shortly after that good news? 

They received MORE good news… 

>>The corporation called to share that they decided to take their POPPED! business national!<< 

Carman and Nate are now joining the 7-Figure club! 

My heart nearly burst when Carman went on to say, 

“Social Curator equips business owners to do what we need to do. 100% you are guilty of being a part of our business's success!!! SO GUILTY! I appreciate the late nights and how you push through uncertainty and remain constant. You. Matter. To. Me. My family's legacy is changed because you first chose to take a risk and stay the course. Thank you doesn’t seem strong enough! Hopefully one day we can hug it out so you can feel the appreciation. THANK YOU SO DANG ON MUCH!!!” 

I have a feeling Carman and Nate’s cinematic story is getting a sequel, and I can’t wait to see what it is.

What about you, friend? Are you ready to see what’s possible for your dream and future?
I can tell you this: You were meant for great things and nobody could write or live your dream as well as YOU can.

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