How to Avoid Overwhelm When Planning Your Instagram Posts

Y’all ready for my best Instagram planning tips coming in HOT?

*They’re even hotter than California in October… CAN’T A GIRL JUST WEAR A SWEATER LIKE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY?!*


Here are my top tips on how to avoid overwhelm when planning your Instagram posts.

Monthly Tips

First, I select what holidays I’ll create content for the month (everything from Christmas to National Donut Day), and plan when I need to take photos to ensure my holiday-related posts are ready when the date arrives.

Second, I add personal events to the calendar I want to share on social media. Things like birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc. It’s important for me to know, in advance, what personal aspects I’ll be sharing online to ensure I have photos ready to share.

Lastly, I add business-related events to the calendar. Because social media is key to my marketing endeavors, it’s vital I have a strategy in place for how I’ll leverage it for business growth.

*For example, if I have a product launch, sale, or webinar, I need to have my social content planned in advance for maximum effectiveness.*

>>Keep in mind, if you have a pop-up shop, a new item to sell, or a flash sale planned, be sure to plan your social content around it in advance so you’re prepared for success!<<

Weekly Tips

Every Sunday, I plan a week of social media posts.

*This doesn’t mean the posts are written and the photos are ready, it’s just a plan of knowing what I’m doing for the week.*

>>Creating a weekly social media plan makes posting SO much easier on days full of meetings, recording podcasts, and coaching business owners inside Social Curator.<<

I also set aside time each day to engage with followers, so I add that to my calendar as well.

*Pssst! Inside Social Curator, there is a social media calendar in the Bonus tab of your Dashboard. Feel free to print it out, add personal and business-related events, and use it to keep track of your engagements!*

I’m cheering you on, Hustler, and I know you’re working hard… I hope these tips helped you work even SMARTER.

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