How To Choose Topics For IGTV

Friend, do you want to post videos on IGTV but you don’t know what to post?

I get it boo, coming up with video topics can be a challenge!

That’s why I want to help you out today with 3 ways to source IGTV topic ideas from your CURRENT audience. Check it out!

Make a list of the top 10 questions you are asked.

Every time someone asks you a question, it is wise to write it down as an idea for a future IGTV video. If people keep asking you the same question, that is a great indication of what your audience would love for you to make a video about! 

Use the Instagram poll feature to get ideas.

Y’all, this is the best way to get feedback on what people want to hear! If you want to know what videos to create for your audience, the best thing you can do is ASK THEM. 

Go live and see what topics get the most engagement.

When I go live on Instagram, I am always keeping an eye out for the reactions that my audience has on the topics I’m covering. If they react well during a live video, then I know I should create a video to go deeper with them.

Buttercup, if you do this, you will see the BIGGEST results.

*The most important thing to remember is to just start.*

>>Start creating videos and track how your audience responds to them, which will then give you a better idea of what you should create in the future.<<

As entrepreneurs, we are often held back by wanting everything to be perfect–choosing the perfect topic, the best lighting, the greatest camera quality.

I’m here to tell you that you just need to START boo boo.

Who’s ready to make some IGTV magic?? Comment below with your Instagram handle so I can cheer you on!