How to Collaborate with Other Businesses

I'm really proud of something.  Can I just be real?  Will it sound like I'm bragging?

I'm really good at COLLABORATION.

If you'd ask my mother, she'd say it had to do with me being born a twin, but I think it has more to do with finding great people who share similar values and aspirations.

(Hey, mom, please don't roll your eyes!)

In fact, I've seen my business grow the most and the fastest as a result of collaborating, so I'm a huge fan of creating win-wins for everyone involved.

But the truth of the matter is that mutually beneficial endeavors can be hard to define, but here are three ways I've made it happen consistently over the years…

  1. Don't be afraid to reach out and let someone know that what they offer/create/sell will work well with what you're promoting, but be sure to outline the perks for them (i.e. what you're bringing to the table).
  2. Define how you'll be combining unique skill sets as more powerful combination than their own parts.
  3. Explain how the collaboration will be a win-win…it's gotta be mutually beneficial for both parties.


This video shows a recent collaboration with a fellow boss babe and gives a behind-the-scenes look at a Social Curator photo shoot…

I wish you all the best as you create a collaboration of your own!