How To Convert Website Clicks Into Inquiries

Recently Stephanie told me during my weekly Facebook live “Ask Me Anything” that she is getting a lot of traffic on her website, but barely any inquiries.

“I can see there’s interest but to get MAYBE an inquiry a week (if I’m lucky) is incredibly disheartening.”

When I read this comment, I felt for Stephanie because I’ve been there. But I also wanted to challenge her to change her change her perspective…

>>If you’re getting clicks on your website, you need to have a mindset shift first because there was a time in your business when all you WANTED was for someone to visit your site.<<

Now, people are visiting your website and although they aren’t converting, that is *huge* step in the right direction.

One of the hardest things to do right now on the internet is to get people OFF social media and onto website. *So let’s clap.that.up, my friend!*

After you’ve had the mindset shift, now I can give you practical advice on what to do if you’re getting clicks to your website but no inquiries.

>>Ask yourself: “What am I willing to test or change on my website?”<<

Once you have looked at your analytics and you know which pages people are clicking on, you have valuable information to test how to convert them.

What you can change on your website to test conversions:

  • Photos
  • Copy
  • Colors
  • Headings
  • Buttons
  • Placement

…just to name a few!

Your website is your store.

If you had a brick-and-mortar store downtown and people were coming in to simply look around and not buy anything, we wouldn’t close down the store!

The conclusion wouldn’t be “My store is terrible,” the conclusion would be:

  • How can I change my displays?
  • What do I need to re-merchandise?
  • How can we engage with people differently?

Test different elements on your website and track them until you find something that converts, buttercup. That’s the only way to know how to turn clicks into inquiries!

But it all starts with gratitude for the clicks to begin with.